Sports Picks – How to Find Guaranteed Winners!

Sports betting is an interesting undertaking that is triggered by its personal effects on sports. And this gives away the influence of a third person and places his bet as if his life lies on the result of the game. The presence of personal effects on the sports makes the game more interesting to watch out for by those audiences who also placed their bets.… continue

Asian Markets Mostly Higher With Modest Gains

Asian stock markets are mostly higher on Friday with modest gains despite the negative lead from Wall Street amid concerns about a possible U.S. government shutdown. Optimism about upbeat corporate earnings and global economic growth after China’s economic expansion exceeded the government’s 2017 target has boosted investor sentiment.The Australian market edged lower after opening higher despite the negative cues overnight from Wall Street amid concerns about a possible U.S.… continue

Beware the LED Killers – Over-Heating & Over-Voltage

LEDs are the greatest lighting source available, but in the RV environment they have two Achilles Heels — Over-Heating and Over-Voltage.

LEDs are tiny slivers of semi-conductor material (p-n junctions for the geeks who want to know), a piece of silicon doped with rare earths that is mixed to emit photons in the visible spectrum whenever a proper voltage is applied across the junction such that an electrical current runs through the semiconductor.… continue

Apple, Inc.’s $350 Billion Commitment to the U.S. Economy — What You Need to Know

Recent changes to U.S. tax law enable companies to repatriate their foreign cash hoards at a significant discount. While the tax change could be a boon for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) , given that over $250 billion of its cash is held overseas, the opportunity to repatriate this cash had many investors wondering exactly what the tech giant would do with it .… continue

Pick Up Lines to Get Girls

One of the biggest myths there is when you are trying to find a girl is that you should know a lot of pick up lines to get girls . I personally do not think this could be farther from the truth.… continue

Asian Shares Give Up Gains To End Mixed

Asian stocks gave up early gains to end mixed on Thursday as investors awaited Chinese GDP data for direction. China’s Shanghai Composite index climbed 0.87 percent to 3,474.75 after data showed that China’s property market remained largely stable in December despite tough purchase restrictions.… continue

Copper Penny Hand Sorting: Sounds Odd, But It’s Growing

One sure sign of inflation’s ravages pops up when the smallest coin denominations are no longer minted. Due to inflation, their value is too small to be of any use anymore. The United States is approaching that point. There’s already talk and even proposals to demonetize the penny and even the nickel.… continue

How Kohl’s Corporation Sharpened Its Retail Edge

What do investors suddenly see in Kohl’s Corporation (NYSE: KSS) ? Since November, the retailer’s shares have soared more than 53%. Personally, I’ve never been great at discerning the sudden short-term sentiment shifts that can send a favored stock zipping up a weekly price chart.… continue

How to Make Beef Stock at Home

Home made soups are not only comforting, but are also a good source of nutrients. Virtually every country or territory have their own types of soups. Another advantage of homemade soup is that they taste better too. Especially when they are cooked with fresh natural ingredients.… continue

Facebook Has Big Plans for Your Home (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Alphabet ‘s (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google already dominate the nascent connected home space with their smart speakers. But they may soon have some competition if recent media reports prove true. Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is reportedly working on a video chat device that’s made especially for the home, which will be used to call and chat with other Facebook users and stream content from services like Netflix and Spotify, according to the news site Cheddar.… continue